Dept. of Sci. Revised 9 additional types of Thai herbal medicine standard textbooks with additional information access channels

Dr. Opas Karnkawinpong The director-general of the Department of Medical Sciences said that the current situation, herbs are used in the cosmetics industry first, more than 77 percent, followed by dietary supplements 17 percent and medicine 4 percent, the trend of future herbal use continues to increase. up Especially the new generation who use herbs as an alternative to health care. With a view to safety is important As well as the government policy to promote the use of herbs through the National Master Plan on the Development of Thai Herbs 2017-2021. Ministry of Commerce Analyzes strengths, weaknesses and obstacles for the herbal and herbal products business On many issues But there are important issues that prevent any business from being successful. Is the uncertainty of raw material quality Department of Medical Sciences has seen obstacles in the quality of herbs. Therefore encourages the establishment of international standards for herbs, both raw materials, extracts and herbal products Contained in the Thai Herbal Pharmacopoeia standard textbook continuously since 1989, the Thai Herbal Pharmacopoeia Standard Pharmacope is used as a legal reference drug for entrepreneurs and related agencies in drug quality control. Thai herbs to meet international standards

Dr. Opas Added that for the year 2020, Department of Medical Sciences Has prepared the Thai Herbal Pharmacopoeia 2020 standard book, which contains all 99 monographs, consisting of raw materials, extracts and herbal products. Which in this book there will be a new standard 9 monographs, including Thung Thong, Moringa, Samaesarn, widow, grass, white flower, Beijing grass, Panchkhan capsule Panchakhan and Bael and related annexes are updated. In addition, the Department of Medical Sciences Increased access to information in Thai herbal medicine standard textbooks via mobile application called “Thai Herbal Pharmacopoeia” for both Android and iOS systems.

“The Thai Herbal Pharmacopoeia is a widely accepted textbook on the herbal standard. This includes standard requirements for both pharmaceutical and botanical and chemical-physics Including safety information Initial dosage and storage of herbal medicines. This medicine textbook is accepted for legal reference in Thailand. It is also useful as an important tool for concerned government agencies to use in quality control of herbal medicines to meet standards. Prevent falsification of herbal medicines that are most common today. Reduce the import of modern drugs from abroad. Increase self-reliance And supports the herb export business as well

COVID-19: pandemic reflects severe inequality in Singapore

Zagir Hossen could not endure it.

Several weeks have passed since he was banned from sleeping with 11 others.

Empty room Only bunk beds There is enough towel to hang to give a feeling of privacy.

“All day and all night We are in the room It is very torturous. It’s like being in a prison, ”says Sagir.

“We cannot keep our social distance because there is no place.”

After being cured of COVID-19 He then returned to work and Zagir thought his nightmare would be over. His dorm is confirmed as free from COVID-19. Already in June

But came a month ago An infected person was found at his dormitory. He and thousands of other migrant workers were once again detained.

Singapore has been praised for its control over the novel coronavirus outbreak. But it failed when looking at the situation of transmission in foreign labor dormitories.

Several months passed There are few new cases in Singapore daily. People return to work Movie theaters resume Sometimes we hear a loud laugh coming from a restaurant.

But many low income people still have to stay in accommodation. Their lives are full of uncertainty.

City builder

Soon after Singapore was infected with the novel coronavirus in January, authorities started using applications to track infected people across the country. There was a warning and good communication with the people. Until Harvard University epidemiologists said that Singapore’s infection testing system was excellent until “Almost perfect”

But a crisis that most people cannot see has begun to form.

Singapore has less than 300,000 foreign workers from South Asia such as India and Bangladesh. Most of them work in the construction and manufacturing sectors.

They live together in a dormitory, have to sit in a van to work together. And work closely with each other This is a situation that will make the new corona virus spread very easily.

Before the COVID-19 crisis It is common for up to 20 workers to live in the same room. And the number of new infections among the general population is completely different from those in labor halls.

“Like any other epidemic, COVID-19 is a epidemic of inequality,” Mohandutta, a professor of journalism at the University of Massachusetts, told the BBC.

“The way we communicate For example telling two sets of numbers (The number of infected among the general population and in the foreign labor dormitories) makes the inequality even more evident. We could say that it is an example of making another group “It’s another” … “


Singapore authorities decided that the dormitory had to be shut down. Some 10,000 workers with good health go elsewhere. It’s a little bit of leftover labor that keeps the country moving.

But most of the workers were confined to dormitories. Some of them were even forbidden from leaving the room. Infected workers are separated and healed.

This is very different from the general population’s lockdown experience in that it is allowed to go shopping and exercise. While these workers were actually “locked down” with food being delivered to the room at each meal only.

This crisis forced the authorities to look at the living conditions of these workers. There are more donation programs. And the dormitory owners are trying to improve their housing for the better

A migrant worker sent pictures to the BBC to see how his room had been rearranged, lowering the bed from 15 to 8, another said fortunately his employer arranged for him to move to a hotel instead.

But Sakir from Bangladesh, who works as a construction project coordinator, Not so lucky

After recovering from COVID-19, Zagir said he returned to the dorm in his original state. He said that a room, six meters by seven meters, was inhabited by 12 people.

“People say we keep our social distance. But that turned out to be a joke for us, ”says Sagir.“ How do we keep our distance in a narrow room? ”

Each floor of the dormitory has 15 rooms, equivalent to 180 men living in full capacity. All of this has to be shared with the bathroom. There are only six washbasins, showers and urinals, while government practice states that one bathroom should be for 15 people.

“They asked us to keep it clean. But the soap dispenser has no soap left. “

The BBC has reached out to the host for comment but did not receive a response.

Dipaswami Nathan, founder of Its Raining Raincoats for the rights of migrant workers. Said that this living condition was a matter that existed for a long time

“We have never heard of this because they are the ones who do not mourn. They are grateful for what is here [in Singapore]. “

There have been reports of serious cases of attempted suicide, death and self-harm.

One of the videos – which the BBC cannot confirm – is an incident of a man standing by a dorm window before a roommate can bring him back.

“I saw someone in the dorm calling my family and saying that I couldn’t stand it. They cry He said he wanted to go home, ”says Sakir, who also founded a charity for immigrants.

Zagir said many workers are stressed because they are unable to leave. But there are families in the country of origin that depend on them for money.

The Singapore Labor Ministry told the BBC that For workers unable to go to work It may not make sense to expect the employer to pay the full wages. Therefore, both parties should reach an agreement. “Proper Employment Agreement” among themselves

Singapore authorities have promised that by the end of the year Residents of dormitories get at least 6 square meters of private space, each room must not have more than 10 beds, each bed must be at least 1 meter apart

Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore Agree that dealing with the outbreak in the dorm was flawed. But it said that any form of cohabitation has to be at risk of epidemic.

Zagir still does not know when he will return to work. Now he just hopes to return to work. And improve the situation for foreign workers in Singapore

“A lot of us have been here for a long time. I’ve been here for 17 years. It’s like we’ve become a part of Singapore.”

“We are not asked to be treated as Singaporean citizens. Just treat us like you would treat another human being. As if we are part of society It would be great if possible. “

Cabinet approves the drafting of the Narcotics Act For Thai traditional medicine – farmers Request to produce-sell cannabis to cure diseases

At a meeting of the Cabinet (Cabinet) on August 4, approved the Draft Narcotics Act (No. ..) BE …. According to Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Minister. Public health offers Which is an amendment from the original law that was adopted in 2019

This is “unlocking” the legal marijuana. From the original set only for government agencies Or the applicant That must be operated in conjunction with government agencies only to be able to apply for permission to produce, import or export But from now on, those who can apply for a license to produce, import, export, sell or have in possession of Category 5 narcotics or marijuana are:

Patients who are certified by a medical professional
Practitioner of Thai traditional medicine
Practitioner of applied Thai traditional medicine or local doctor
A business operator related to agricultural production and farmers who operate the production under cooperation with a licensee to produce drugs or herbal products.
Other persons as prescribed by the Minister of Public Health with the approval of the Narcotics Control Committee.
Ms. Trisulee Trisoranakul, deputy spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office, said the law will help address the problem of access to medical care among people who want to use marijuana to treat diseases. And problems of cognitive development and the extension of medical marijuana The Ministry of Public Health opened to hear comments on this new law on June 5.

Open for comments through the website via the website of the Food and Drug Administration. There were a total of 739 people commenting, with 487 of them agreeing, 198 should have approved, 44 did not, and 11 did not.

After this step, the Drugs Act is submitted to the Office of the Council of State for review and submitted to the Coordinating Committee of the House of Representatives for consideration. Before submitting the next House of Representatives

Re-opened the cannabis policy of Proud Thai After graciously ordered “Anutin Charnwirakul” as Minister of Public Health
Cannabis: a bad plant or alternative herb
Cannabis oil: what to know for medical users After the expiration of the marijuana possession notice
Marijuana: Decha Siriphat’s mission to save human lives with medical marijuana
Bhumjaithai Party Policy
Photo caption,
Anutin Charnwirakul, during the campaign, used “free marijuana” as one of the policies to promote selling points.

Back on January 17, 2019, the Bhumjaithai Party announced “Free cannabis policy” is the first time at the Chang field. International Circuit, Buriram Province by the Executive Committee of the Party has pledged to the people that if there is an opportunity to become a government Will make this policy happen

July 12, or just 2 days after the Government Gazette published the announcement of the appointment of the Minister. Bhumjaithai Party also held a big seminar on “Free marijuana for medicine” at Rama Gardens Hotel Bangkok, which is the first such policy forward. After Mr. Anutin was appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health. He said at the seminar that “Promised with the brothers and sisters Will do marijuana matters to treat medical patients This policy must certainly benefit people. “

At the time, Anutin also confirmed that the free marijuana policy for medical purposes was already included as a government policy. And asked the people to wait and listen Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister, announced the government policy soon.

“If we can’t do this policy We are absolutely extinct Therefore, it must be accomplished, ”said Anutin.

The results show that bee venom can kill breast cancer cells.

Australian scientists working in lab experiments found that bee venom can kill deadly breast cancer cells.

In this experiment Scientists use bee venom and a compound in the venom called melittin. Dealing with two types of breast cancer that are difficult to treat. Is breast cancer that does not have hormone receptors on the cell surface. (triple-negative) and breast cancer in the group HER2-enriched Rapidly spreading

Deadly cancer emerges in 77 million years of dinosaur fibroids
Florida experiment releases genetically modified mosquitoes To reduce the mosquito population in the area
Although this discovery can be considered as a matter “Exciting,” but scientists warn that more trials are still needed.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women around the world.

Even thousands of chemical compounds can be used by scientists to manipulate cancer cells in laboratory experiments. But in reality, only a few can be manufactured to cure humans.

For the bee venom Previous discoveries have suggested properties against other cancers. Like skin cancer The Institute of Medicine Harry Perkins in the state of Western Australia. The report was published in the journal Nature Precision Oncology.

What did the researchers find?

Scientists used the venom of more than 300 honeybee and bumblebee bees in the experiment, 25-year-old researcher Dr. Kiara Daffy, who led the trial, said. Honey Bee extract is highly potent. Bee venom concentrates kill cancer cells within an hour And do very little harm to other cells But the level of toxicity increases with increasing the amount of consumption.

The researchers also found that the compound melittin alone was able to block the growth of cancer cells.

Melittin is naturally present in bee venom. But at the same time they can be synthesized as well

Breast cancer that does not have hormone receptors on the cell surface. (triple-negative) is considered one of the most severe cancers. About 10-15% of people with breast cancer develop this type of cancer and are usually treated with surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Can these findings be applicable in the future?

Prof. Peter Clinken, Chief Scientist in Western Australia Explain that the findings point to “It is incredibly exciting.”

He said this study shows that melittin interferes with signaling within cancer cells. And reduce the breakdown of cells This is another example of how natural compounds can be used to treat serious human disease, however, researchers say that more experiments are still needed to see if bee venom can be used at a scale that can be done. Can the drug against cancer or not?

Cancer: Doctors warn that consuming “supplements” will “do more harm than good” in treatment.
Australian researchers have discovered that indigenous peoples planted bananas since 2,000 years ago.
Similarly, another group of cancer researchers saw the same. Assoc. Prof. Alex Swarbrick of the Karvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney said the experiment was “It’s just the beginning,” he said. Many of these chemical compounds can kill breast cancer cells in petri dishes or in mice, but much longer has to be studied before their findings can become a real therapeutic approach.

“Donald Trump” pushes the COVID vaccine. Sold to the market in Oct. Take advantage of “Joe Biden”

President Donald US Trump Said during a press conference at the White House that U.S. may approve vaccine against COVID-19 In October. Before the presidential election in November

“Instead of taking two or three years, we should take a short time. To approve the COVID-19 vaccine And the approval should take place in October, ”President Trump told reporters on Monday.

During this press conference President Trump has attacked Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden, who criticized the The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is facing political pressure. By President Trump said Biden’s grievances have led to lying to political gain.

Health officials and scientists have voiced concerns that the FDA is facing pressure from the White House to approve the vaccine ahead of the Nov. 3 US presidential election, while Americans may be reluctant. To be vaccinated if believed Vaccines are rushed to market in the wake of election campaigns.

However, President Trump confirmed to reporters on Monday that “The vaccine is safe. And extremely effective And will be released soon You will be totally amazed at what is going to happen. ”

Joe Biden urged the government to conduct transparent studies on the COVID-19 vaccine.

The report states that Before President Trump made a statement at the White House. Biden spoke to reporters outside the Lancaster campaign. Pennsylvania said He will follow advice from scientists that Should I get vaccinated against COVID-19 if the vaccine is released before the November presidential election?

Coronavirus: Actor from the movie “Contagion of the Earth” released a clip to educate about COVID-19.

Kate Winslet is one of five set members of the film. “Contagion” that came out to provide advice on the prevention of COVID-19

The actors of the movie “Contagion” (Contagion) collaborate with Columbia University scientists. Released a video clip to educate – Practice for COVID-19

In 2011, the Contagion film touched the world. On screen, but not as successful There were actors like Matt Damon, Jude Law, Kate Winslet and Gwyneth Paltrow, for example, it was the 61st grossing film worldwide that year. The film also made a comeback. It is one of the most downloaded titles on the iTunes Store in the US.

When the virus went viral in December last year, film producer Warner Bros. said that content was ranked 270th in the film of the same genre, but three months later it was second to none. only the movie Harry Potter 8 sectors.

This is because the movie plot is similar to the current situation. The businesswoman, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, dies from a mysterious virus en route to China. And it is the case that has created emergencies around the world. And its connection with China Which is the center of the coronavirus outbreak Which makes the movie very popular

How do homeless people in England live in a city shutdown against COVID-19?
A true story from doctors at the front of the COVID-19 battlefield
“I used to be homeless Now I have a career selling houses. “
Contagion movie poster Image Source, WARNER BROS
Photo caption,
The film grossed 61st worldwide that year.

“That’s a movie. This is true. “

Latest Melman College of Public Health Columbia University It has collaborated with director Steven Soderberg, screenwriter Scott C. Burns, along with the cast as Matt Damon, Kate Winslet and Lawrence. Fishburne released educational videos and hands-on advice based on a number of experts who also contributed to the making of the film a decade ago, including Dr. W. Ian Lipkin, director of the Center for Communicable Diseases. And immunity Of the Melman College of Public Health Which are currently conducting trials and developing drugs for COVID-19

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“That’s a movie. This is true, ”said Matt Damon, who plays a character who has been immune to the virus in the film. Said in one video

“This is a new virus. It takes a while for our body and the doctor to understand it. … there is always a new virus. This is not the first time And it won’t be the last time, the good news is, we’ve seen things like this before. And when possible We will become stronger and we will soon win this virus as well. ”

Kate Winslet suggests the right handwashing method in another video.

Lawrence Fishburn said in another video: “If we can delay this (outbreak) It will give our doctors and hospital nurses a chance to get through this together. ”

Every video is easy self-made, with share on social media with hashtags. #ControltheContagion

A statement on the Melman College of Public Health website said: As the coronavirus outbreak progresses It is imperative that we obtain evidence-based scientific information in order to heal ourselves, our loved ones, and our community. Better than before

“Stopping the COVID-19 Epidemic” It cannot be done by one person, organization or country. We must cooperate Do our duty by following public health measures This includes social spacing and proper hand washing. ”

Photo caption,
Melman College of Public Health Columbia University Collaborated with lead actor Matt Damon to release a video clip that provides education and advice on how to deal with COVID-19.

True story
The character Gwyneth Paltrow is infected with the virus, MEV-1, in a handshake with a Hong Kong chef who recently caught a killed pig infected by a bat. She then went home before falling ill and passing away. Her son later died too. But her husband, played by Matt Damon, is immune.

What lessons did China learn from the SARS epidemic 17 years ago?
Heal or let go Big deal for Italian doctors to choose patients in COVID-19 crisis
Matt Damon an Gwyneth Paltrow pose for pictures during the Contagion premiere in 2011 Image Source, GETTY IMAGES
Photo caption,
Gwyneth Paltrow plays a business woman who dies from a mysterious virus. While her husband, played by Matt Damon, is immune.

For corona virus Experts believe the epidemic is from animals to humans. It is also believed that it started with the bat. The same applies to the SARS epidemic from 2002 to 2003.

Scientists still do not agree on what animal origin is. But the World Health Organization report is believed to come from the animal trade in China.

The characters in the movie are also infected with human touch, just like they are actually happening right now.

Both film and real viruses affect the respiratory system, but the MEV-1 virus is made up of a real virus called Nipah, which is a different strain from the new coronavirus.

Another difference is that the new coronavirus is less serious. In contagion 26 million people died, while the true story is now about 3.7 thousand people.

The true story that is most like in the movies is The Spanish flu from 1918 to 1920, which killed more than 50 million people.

Thailand found 4 additional cases of COVID-19 infected with 1 domestic illness, including 3,431 cases of cumulative illness.

Today (4 September) at 11:00 am, the Coronavirus Disease Situation Management Center 2019 reported the situation of COVID-19 in Thailand that

The latest situation of the epidemic of coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) or COVID-19 in Thailand today (4 September), 4 additional new cases were found, one from the United States. 1 case of Singapore, 1 case of Saudi Arabia, and 1 case of infection in Thailand.

As a result, 3,431 infected patients were recovered and 3,277 were recovered, with 96 still remaining patients with no additional deaths. There were 58 deaths in total.

With an additional person infected in Thailand As a result, the number of infectious cases in the country increased to 2,445 and was the first domestic infection in 100 days in Thailand.

Details of 4 new cases in Thailand are as follows:

  • New patients From the surveillance system and the service system

A 37-year-old Thai male inmate before serving as a DJ Work in multiple restaurants Entered the quarantine system before entering normal territory in prison on 26 Aug 20.

The first infection was tested on September 2, the results showed. The disease began to become ill on 29 Aug, with sputum admitted to the correctional facility, the correctional hospital.

  • Travelers from abroad

1 case of the United States, a 31-year-old Thai man, unemployed, arrived in Thailand on August 25, stayed in Alternative State Quarantine (ASO) in Bangkok and tested for the first infection on September 1. The results of infection

Singapore, 1 case, a 54-year-old Thai man, a contractor, arrived in Thailand on Aug 30, stayed at State Quarantine in Bangkok and tested for the first infection on Sept. 2. No symptoms

One Saudi Arabia is a 53-year-old Thai male occupation of a labor office interpreter. Arrived in Thailand on September 2 and tested for the first infection on 3 September. A history of COVID-19 was found in July-Aug’20, admitted to Saudi Arabia. Examination results before returning on 29 Aug no infection was found.

The world keeps an eye on the ‘COVID-19 vaccine’ as soon as possible in 6 months.

Deputy Director-General of the Department of Disease Control revealed the progress of the vaccine against COVID-19 around the world, with seven of them nearing the earliest possible success in the next 6 months. While in Thailand while waiting Still need to follow the same preventive measures

On August 10, Dr. Thanarak Prawapat, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Disease Control Reveal the progress of the development of vaccines against the new corona virus. Or COVID-19, there are more than 180 vaccines in development, 135 of which have gone into testing in humans. 18 human subjects were tested in phase I, 12 were tested in human phase II and tested in phase 3 humans for efficacy. Prophylactic effectiveness The safety of seven species have been proven in this phase of the trial, aiming that the vaccine will protect against 50% of the disease for 6 months after vaccination. The seven vaccines are both inactivated vaccines. And the mRNA vaccine, one of these seven vaccines is expected to be successful. The earliest widespread use is 6 months from now. In addition, there is one type of vaccine in China that has been approved in humans. That is, in the military, even though it has not been tested in the third phase.

“Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health is doing its best to procure as many vaccines as possible. In the meantime, what we should do is prepare individuals, organizations, by wearing masks, spacing, washing hands often, sick people should not leave the house. Especially during this rainy season It’s influenza pandemic season, so screening is important. In particular, enclosed areas are 19 times more likely to transmit infections than open areas. Please help each other a little. And reiterated that even if there is a vaccine to prevent disease, it will still be able to meet the patient The vaccine will help reduce the pandemic. There are no overflowing patients at the hospital, ”said Dr. Thanarak.