Cabinet approves the drafting of the Narcotics Act For Thai traditional medicine – farmers Request to produce-sell cannabis to cure diseases

At a meeting of the Cabinet (Cabinet) on August 4, approved the Draft Narcotics Act (No. ..) BE …. According to Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Minister. Public health offers Which is an amendment from the original law that was adopted in 2019

This is “unlocking” the legal marijuana. From the original set only for government agencies Or the applicant That must be operated in conjunction with government agencies only to be able to apply for permission to produce, import or export But from now on, those who can apply for a license to produce, import, export, sell or have in possession of Category 5 narcotics or marijuana are:

Patients who are certified by a medical professional
Practitioner of Thai traditional medicine
Practitioner of applied Thai traditional medicine or local doctor
A business operator related to agricultural production and farmers who operate the production under cooperation with a licensee to produce drugs or herbal products.
Other persons as prescribed by the Minister of Public Health with the approval of the Narcotics Control Committee.
Ms. Trisulee Trisoranakul, deputy spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office, said the law will help address the problem of access to medical care among people who want to use marijuana to treat diseases. And problems of cognitive development and the extension of medical marijuana The Ministry of Public Health opened to hear comments on this new law on June 5.

Open for comments through the website via the website of the Food and Drug Administration. There were a total of 739 people commenting, with 487 of them agreeing, 198 should have approved, 44 did not, and 11 did not.

After this step, the Drugs Act is submitted to the Office of the Council of State for review and submitted to the Coordinating Committee of the House of Representatives for consideration. Before submitting the next House of Representatives

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Bhumjaithai Party Policy
Photo caption,
Anutin Charnwirakul, during the campaign, used “free marijuana” as one of the policies to promote selling points.

Back on January 17, 2019, the Bhumjaithai Party announced “Free cannabis policy” is the first time at the Chang field. International Circuit, Buriram Province by the Executive Committee of the Party has pledged to the people that if there is an opportunity to become a government Will make this policy happen

July 12, or just 2 days after the Government Gazette published the announcement of the appointment of the Minister. Bhumjaithai Party also held a big seminar on “Free marijuana for medicine” at Rama Gardens Hotel Bangkok, which is the first such policy forward. After Mr. Anutin was appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health. He said at the seminar that “Promised with the brothers and sisters Will do marijuana matters to treat medical patients This policy must certainly benefit people. “

At the time, Anutin also confirmed that the free marijuana policy for medical purposes was already included as a government policy. And asked the people to wait and listen Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister, announced the government policy soon.

“If we can’t do this policy We are absolutely extinct Therefore, it must be accomplished, ”said Anutin.