Dept. of Sci. Revised 9 additional types of Thai herbal medicine standard textbooks with additional information access channels

Dr. Opas Karnkawinpong The director-general of the Department of Medical Sciences said that the current situation, herbs are used in the cosmetics industry first, more than 77 percent, followed by dietary supplements 17 percent and medicine 4 percent, the trend of future herbal use continues to increase. up Especially the new generation who use herbs as an alternative to health care. With a view to safety is important As well as the government policy to promote the use of herbs through the National Master Plan on the Development of Thai Herbs 2017-2021. Ministry of Commerce Analyzes strengths, weaknesses and obstacles for the herbal and herbal products business On many issues But there are important issues that prevent any business from being successful. Is the uncertainty of raw material quality Department of Medical Sciences has seen obstacles in the quality of herbs. Therefore encourages the establishment of international standards for herbs, both raw materials, extracts and herbal products Contained in the Thai Herbal Pharmacopoeia standard textbook continuously since 1989, the Thai Herbal Pharmacopoeia Standard Pharmacope is used as a legal reference drug for entrepreneurs and related agencies in drug quality control. Thai herbs to meet international standards

Dr. Opas Added that for the year 2020, Department of Medical Sciences Has prepared the Thai Herbal Pharmacopoeia 2020 standard book, which contains all 99 monographs, consisting of raw materials, extracts and herbal products. Which in this book there will be a new standard 9 monographs, including Thung Thong, Moringa, Samaesarn, widow, grass, white flower, Beijing grass, Panchkhan capsule Panchakhan and Bael and related annexes are updated. In addition, the Department of Medical Sciences Increased access to information in Thai herbal medicine standard textbooks via mobile application called “Thai Herbal Pharmacopoeia” for both Android and iOS systems.

“The Thai Herbal Pharmacopoeia is a widely accepted textbook on the herbal standard. This includes standard requirements for both pharmaceutical and botanical and chemical-physics Including safety information Initial dosage and storage of herbal medicines. This medicine textbook is accepted for legal reference in Thailand. It is also useful as an important tool for concerned government agencies to use in quality control of herbal medicines to meet standards. Prevent falsification of herbal medicines that are most common today. Reduce the import of modern drugs from abroad. Increase self-reliance And supports the herb export business as well