Thailand found 4 additional cases of COVID-19 infected with 1 domestic illness, including 3,431 cases of cumulative illness.

Today (4 September) at 11:00 am, the Coronavirus Disease Situation Management Center 2019 reported the situation of COVID-19 in Thailand that

The latest situation of the epidemic of coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) or COVID-19 in Thailand today (4 September), 4 additional new cases were found, one from the United States. 1 case of Singapore, 1 case of Saudi Arabia, and 1 case of infection in Thailand.

As a result, 3,431 infected patients were recovered and 3,277 were recovered, with 96 still remaining patients with no additional deaths. There were 58 deaths in total.

With an additional person infected in Thailand As a result, the number of infectious cases in the country increased to 2,445 and was the first domestic infection in 100 days in Thailand.

Details of 4 new cases in Thailand are as follows:

  • New patients From the surveillance system and the service system

A 37-year-old Thai male inmate before serving as a DJ Work in multiple restaurants Entered the quarantine system before entering normal territory in prison on 26 Aug 20.

The first infection was tested on September 2, the results showed. The disease began to become ill on 29 Aug, with sputum admitted to the correctional facility, the correctional hospital.

  • Travelers from abroad

1 case of the United States, a 31-year-old Thai man, unemployed, arrived in Thailand on August 25, stayed in Alternative State Quarantine (ASO) in Bangkok and tested for the first infection on September 1. The results of infection

Singapore, 1 case, a 54-year-old Thai man, a contractor, arrived in Thailand on Aug 30, stayed at State Quarantine in Bangkok and tested for the first infection on Sept. 2. No symptoms

One Saudi Arabia is a 53-year-old Thai male occupation of a labor office interpreter. Arrived in Thailand on September 2 and tested for the first infection on 3 September. A history of COVID-19 was found in July-Aug’20, admitted to Saudi Arabia. Examination results before returning on 29 Aug no infection was found.