The results show that bee venom can kill breast cancer cells.

Australian scientists working in lab experiments found that bee venom can kill deadly breast cancer cells.

In this experiment Scientists use bee venom and a compound in the venom called melittin. Dealing with two types of breast cancer that are difficult to treat. Is breast cancer that does not have hormone receptors on the cell surface. (triple-negative) and breast cancer in the group HER2-enriched Rapidly spreading

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Although this discovery can be considered as a matter “Exciting,” but scientists warn that more trials are still needed.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women around the world.

Even thousands of chemical compounds can be used by scientists to manipulate cancer cells in laboratory experiments. But in reality, only a few can be manufactured to cure humans.

For the bee venom Previous discoveries have suggested properties against other cancers. Like skin cancer The Institute of Medicine Harry Perkins in the state of Western Australia. The report was published in the journal Nature Precision Oncology.

What did the researchers find?

Scientists used the venom of more than 300 honeybee and bumblebee bees in the experiment, 25-year-old researcher Dr. Kiara Daffy, who led the trial, said. Honey Bee extract is highly potent. Bee venom concentrates kill cancer cells within an hour And do very little harm to other cells But the level of toxicity increases with increasing the amount of consumption.

The researchers also found that the compound melittin alone was able to block the growth of cancer cells.

Melittin is naturally present in bee venom. But at the same time they can be synthesized as well

Breast cancer that does not have hormone receptors on the cell surface. (triple-negative) is considered one of the most severe cancers. About 10-15% of people with breast cancer develop this type of cancer and are usually treated with surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Can these findings be applicable in the future?

Prof. Peter Clinken, Chief Scientist in Western Australia Explain that the findings point to “It is incredibly exciting.”

He said this study shows that melittin interferes with signaling within cancer cells. And reduce the breakdown of cells This is another example of how natural compounds can be used to treat serious human disease, however, researchers say that more experiments are still needed to see if bee venom can be used at a scale that can be done. Can the drug against cancer or not?

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Similarly, another group of cancer researchers saw the same. Assoc. Prof. Alex Swarbrick of the Karvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney said the experiment was “It’s just the beginning,” he said. Many of these chemical compounds can kill breast cancer cells in petri dishes or in mice, but much longer has to be studied before their findings can become a real therapeutic approach.