The world keeps an eye on the ‘COVID-19 vaccine’ as soon as possible in 6 months.

Deputy Director-General of the Department of Disease Control revealed the progress of the vaccine against COVID-19 around the world, with seven of them nearing the earliest possible success in the next 6 months. While in Thailand while waiting Still need to follow the same preventive measures

On August 10, Dr. Thanarak Prawapat, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Disease Control Reveal the progress of the development of vaccines against the new corona virus. Or COVID-19, there are more than 180 vaccines in development, 135 of which have gone into testing in humans. 18 human subjects were tested in phase I, 12 were tested in human phase II and tested in phase 3 humans for efficacy. Prophylactic effectiveness The safety of seven species have been proven in this phase of the trial, aiming that the vaccine will protect against 50% of the disease for 6 months after vaccination. The seven vaccines are both inactivated vaccines. And the mRNA vaccine, one of these seven vaccines is expected to be successful. The earliest widespread use is 6 months from now. In addition, there is one type of vaccine in China that has been approved in humans. That is, in the military, even though it has not been tested in the third phase.

“Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health is doing its best to procure as many vaccines as possible. In the meantime, what we should do is prepare individuals, organizations, by wearing masks, spacing, washing hands often, sick people should not leave the house. Especially during this rainy season It’s influenza pandemic season, so screening is important. In particular, enclosed areas are 19 times more likely to transmit infections than open areas. Please help each other a little. And reiterated that even if there is a vaccine to prevent disease, it will still be able to meet the patient The vaccine will help reduce the pandemic. There are no overflowing patients at the hospital, ”said Dr. Thanarak.